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We are always delighted and grateful for donations of any size to Abbie’s Fund.


Abbie's Fund Pendant

Small and Large Pendant - £30.00 
Pendants with Chain - £50
Charms - £25
Free Post and Packaging

As Trustees of Abbie’s Fund, we have designed a pendant in memory of Abbie.

Abbie’s parents gave us the idea of using a butterfly as the logo for our charity.  Abbie loved butterflies and often painted them in many bright colours.  We chose pink as the colour for our butterfly logo because that was Abbie’s favourite. The Butterfly is also a symbol for reincarnation. Abbie’s father gave us the idea that if you put two ‘B’s’ back to front it would make a butterfly, so we could therefore include it in Abbie’s name.

We hope that this beautiful pendant will remind us all of Abbie, whilst also being a lovely gift to friends and family.

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